2012 m. lapkričio 15 d., ketvirtadienis

26. 400 eurų

  1. - An' this is how we do it here in Lithuania.
    - Thats very interesting. We are thinking about doing it the same way, too. By the way, how much do you get for job like this.
  2. - Hmm.. let me see... About 400 euros, I think.
    - Hey, that is awesome! I get only 320! Were do I sign!
  3. - Well, thats what we get here in a month.

Nuostabus ENGRISH pavyzdys,  bet tiesiog nesusilaikiau nenupiešusi šito mažo nesusipratimo.
Nejuokinga, suprantu.

Bet, hey, tipo čia socialinis komiksas, sutariam? ;D a? a? 

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